Last night I finally got to experience a large-posse session of RDR multiplayer free roam and it was awesome. We road around doing Lawbringer missions for a couple of hours. Once we got up to 7 members of our intrepid group, I wise-assed about piloting a stagecoach filled with lead-dealing varmints and the other players, of which I only know one personally, were happy to oblige. So six of us got into a fancy stagecoach and rode around the game’s depictions of Mexico and Texas offending everyone with our audacity. Our last member scouted ahead to gang hideouts we were trying to clear out, or escorted us riding a buffalo.

I finished the single-player a while back and although I saw promise in the multiplayer, didn’t spent too much time with it. Now I hope these guys want to play again, especially in more populated matches where we can go up against rival posses battling over forts, towns, or just on open ground. Having the Mexican army chasing you around is one kind of fun, but there is no greater predator nor prey than Man and nothing compensates for matching wit and skill against another human player.

I hope Rockstar supports RDR as much as GTA4 and it seems they plan to do so. There are cool DLC packs on the way which will let players take on minigames like poker and blackjack which I’m sure will eat up massive amounts of time. I mean, why play simple online poker when you can play Texas Hold’Em in a lovingly created Old West setting with some dirty, Deadwood reject as an avatar?

Not being a poker guy myself, look for me shooting motherfuckers. That includes cougars.