All right so all of the reviews for this movie kind of make it out to be le suck. It wasn’t so bad, though. It was fairly entertaining with a neat take on magic as a kind of special science accessible by people with different brains. Basically, if you have “the gift”, you can affect molecular physics and create magical effects. Various tricks have catchy names that would make good band titles, like “Persian Quickrug” or “Hungarian Mirror Trap”. It’s pretty fucking “poof, magic!” in the end, in spite of the lip service to science (probably a holdover from an earlier version of the script which took five people to write apparently).

I have to admit that one of the main reasons I’m bothering to blog about this, aside from that hilarious picture, is the line I’m using as a title for the post. I mean, Jay Baruchel lets out that zinger while hurling plasma bolts like he’s Vegeta or something. He does this ridiculous crossing of his arms over his body then arcing them to his sides filled with energy. It’s supposes to look badass I’m sure, but it just looks like he’s LARPing!

Anyway the movie.  Monica Belucci is barely in it, Alfred Molina is kind of funny, Nicolas Cage is being fairly straight in a role that could use his trademark eccentricity, and the female lead is super duper bland. Jay Baruchel is self-deprecating and weaselly as usual and it works all right, but not as good as How to Train Your Dragon or She’s Out of My League. This guy is going to be seriously over-exposed and he just doesn’t have the staying power of Seth Rogen or Will Farrel. Or Jonah Hill or Michael Cera for that matter.

In spite of the dismissal of most critics, Sorcerer’s Apprentice is a harmless and fun family-friendly flick. It’s predictable but has some decent, quotable quips. It also has a pretty great scene where Jay makes music with a tesla coil. Something that silly is bound to be great, too bad he uses it to recreate the same song that plays three times in the movie. I won’t even tell you what song it is because fuck that song.