So the final volume of Scott Pilgrim came out Tuesday. Leanne bought it for me on her lunch break because I had this irrational fear it would be sold out. We hit up Taste of Saskatchewan and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Tuesday night so I opted to save the book for the bus ride to work Weds morning. I would read it in 2 parts… perfect!

My first encounter with Scott Pilgrim came from a one-shot on free comic book day. Who were these sarcastic youths? What was up with soft drinks chosen for their stat bonuses, referencing the standard RPG accessorizing? Just what the fuck was this thing?

Next I started hearing about the books and possible movie on via Devin Faraci who was then a New Yorker and huge fan. Soon, I tracked the books down myself via the internet and finally read them. Recently, when the movie started to become a reality I revisited them and then bought the first 5, determined to sling the shit on my friends like pure Colombian snow.

And now a major part of that journey is over and I need to talk about these books.


I read the thing and it hit all the right spots, stuck the landing, and managed to surprise me. It didn’t end how I was expecting. I really thought we’d have some kind of “mature” conclusion that Scott and Ramona simply didn’t belong together, both merely projecting onto each other some salvation from their usual hang-ups, foibles, and insecurities. Instead of relying on each other for motivation, they would learn to stand on their own two feet and slay their demons without using each other as an excuse. Or at least Scott would. I almost expected the end to not be overly friendly to Ramona, actually. After all, she bailed!

But thank sweet fuck that shit didn’t happen. Instead, they do still figure out how to conquer some of their demons both on their own and by very literally taking ’em out together. The conclusion is that sure, it’s hard, but it’s worth it to try and make it together. Very nice and not nearly as predictable or sappy as you might figure from the outset.

Plus, they finish Gideon Graves with a fucking Chrono Trigger X-Strike. How cool is that?

So now that the books are over, we have the movie in a few weeks and the 4-player side-scrolling beat ’em up game to follow. It looks like Scott’s next battle will be an easy victory over the hearts and minds of people who haven’t been following the books for years. Once the movie comes out, people will read them in droves. The game will probably be less pervasive but still, every little campaign into the mainstream will do its part to increase Scott Pilgrim’s footprint and exposure. Usually I am suspicious of big trendy shit, like Twilight or UFC or Justin Bieber. In this case, I hope the shit infects everyone like Captain Trips.

There’s a whole generation of us raised up into our early adulthood with indie rock, nintendo, awkward relationships, abusive friendships, and various challenges posed by just getting by in a world that doesn’t really give a fuck what’s going on in our head, but what we do about it. All that and cute girls, snappy dialogue, sweet combat, and killer robots. There’s an entire untapped sea of just the sort of nerds Brian Lee O’Malley was writing this for who are going to be screaming for it when they see the movie. Right now they watch those trailers and are either “Michael Cera again?” or “What the fuck is this? Awesome!!!” and if the early buzz is any indicator, they are going to collectively shit themselves. Toilets will be backed up all over the world. And they’re going to go out and buy those books, or borrow them from smug friends like me who were in on it all along.

Today it’s Scott Pilgrim Day at the San Diego Comic Con. And the world, man.