So I’m one of the seemingly few people in my generation who has seen the original TRON. I actually rather like the movie. It’s pretty simple but it’s visually interesting, even now, and has a pretty fun performance from Jeff Bridges. Also, the villain (not the Master Control Program but his chief minion) is appropriately menacing while also being kind of a suckass from what I can remember. The gigantic MCP vortex is an arresting image even now.

After I saw Inception, TRON instantly became my #2 anticipated movie for the rest of the year. For those interested, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is #1 and Ben Affleck’s The Town is #3. It seems like it’ll wind up being a pretty good year with Inception already easily trouncing last year’s darling Avatar like the silly blue bullshit it is. I’ve already talked about Scott Pilgrim at length in my last post but I can add that The Town looks like Affleck’s Heat.

Anyway, back to TRON: LEGACY, the subject of this here post. I was sold from the very first teaser clip showing a youngified Clu going after some helpless cycler. Then came the BOSS full length trailer featuring what I hope was some of Daft Punk’s inevitably awesome score (great trailer music either way). Observe it below if you haven’t seen it (and even if you have!):

The second, Comic Con revealed Theatrical Trailer:

So that’s the second full trailer, which I think is actually a bit weaker. It’s got some more action beats but doesn’t seem as cohesively introductory as the first one. Nor is it as immersive. There are some great money-shots though, and tons of youngified Jeff Bridges which is an effect I can’t believe they pulled off to this level. It sort of takes the creepiness in what they did for Benjamin Button and runs it to full awe. I bet we see this effect used more and more if it turns out to hold together in the actual film.

Also, this second trailer makes Clu look more like a villain again. I kind of thought he’d end up being a “second son” character who eventually teams up with Sam to help out dada. Maybe I read that somewhere? Also, where the fuck is Michael Sheen in this new trailer? He looked insane in the first one and I was hoping to see more of him soon.

Anyway, I can’t wait. I think that while Avatar showed us what’s possible with fully-applied 3D on screen, TRON: Legacy will bank on it with an actual good movie to deliver. That Disney asked Pixar to lend a hand with some finishing touches on the character and story elements, my enthusiasm can only blossom like the techno-organic flower it is.