So a week or so back I was at my girlfriend’s sister’s place for supper and we sat down to watch a movie. For some reason, we all decided it was a good idea to watch Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie. In most ways, this was not a good idea but there was some fun to be had:


Ivan Ooze is particularly ridiculous with all the puns and mustache-twirling villainy.

I also realized that Lord Zed still looks badass (for a Japanese kids’ show villain).

Rita Repulsa

Also, I’d totally fuck Rita Repulsa.

But that said, this movie is so 90’s. The world seems to revolve around these oversized “teens” and their antics. Whether it’s jumping out of planes or showboating with rollerblades like a bunch of dicks. These guys are S Club 7 with super-powers and less personality.

While we watched the movie, I got to wondering what ever happened to some of these “actors” after their stint as Power Rangers ended and new series were invented with ever more ridiculous conceits. For a wealth of information, more than anyone in the world would ever need, there’s always the fucking wiki. Anyway, from what I understand the second Red Ranger ended up being a porn star or something and it was upon discussing this with my fellow viewers that I became more and more curious about other potentially interesting adventures these people might have had.

This line of inquiry also developed as a result of imagining what it’d be like to meet one of the guys who played these fucking things:

I know, right?

But I digress. The cast of the movie goes something like this:

Jason David Frank as Tommy the White Ranger

Amy Jo Johnson as Kimberly the Pink Ranger

David Yost as Billy the Blue Ranger

Steve Cardenas as Rocky the Red Ranger

Johnny Yong Bosch as Adam the Black Ranger

Paul Freeman as Ivan Ooze

Nicholas Bell/Robert L. Manahan as Zordon

Kerry Casey/Kerrigan Mahan as Goldar

Mark Ginther/Robert Axelrod as Lord Zed

Julia Cortez/Barbara Goodson as Rita Repulsa

And as a bonus, here are the original Red, Black, and Yellow Rangers who were replaced in the TV series by the blokes listed above:

Austin St. John as Jason the Red Ranger

Thuy Trang as Trini the Yellow Ranger

Walter Jones as Zack the Black Ranger

Phew… that is A LOT of motherfuckers. So where are they all now?

Let’s start with our original three Rangers who have been off the show the longest and never appeared in the movie at all.

Austin St. John is, as of 2007, a paramedic. He was involved in various Power Rangers related stuff until 2002 but hasn’t really done any showbiz since then. I guess he was the Gold Ranger at one point? He had a minor role on some TV series in ’03. Pretty boring motherfucker except for when everybody thought he was doing gay porn under the name Jason Cutler. That rumor was debunked.

Thuy Trang fucking died in a car crash in 2001. I had no idea! She might have gone on to do more stuff too, after having a large role as Kali in The Crow: City of Angels. Also, her family may have illegally immigrated from Vietnam on board a cargo ship. Yeesh.


Walter Jones is a bit older than his fellows, and is 40 years old now. He’s had a pretty active career, providing voice work in games and shit (like Red Dead Redemption ZOMG) and acting in TV shows and movies. Some of the stuff he’s been in: The Shield, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Wild. One of them is dead! On to the main cast of the movie!

Jason David Frank, who was basically a young Steven Segal, was the longest running Power Ranger and has been Green, White, Red, and Black in various incarnations of the series. He is also the most annoying of them and overacts like a high-school Othello for every thing he says and does. He invented a martial art in which he probably goes “Zig Zig Ziya!” as he so often did in the show and movie. He’s done very little besides Power Rangers but was also Adam Steele for one episode of VR Troopers (an unaired Pilot?) if anyone remembers that show. Apparently he is now trying to get into the MMA world. Good luck, you idiot. Any guy with three first names deserves endless ass-kickings and I’m sure this guy’s room in hell will be filled with those fucking bird guys.

Amy Jo Johnson is also 40 years old and now lives in Toronto. She was in plenty of TV, including a recurring role in Felicity and is now in Flashpoint (in which she is some kind of SWAT trooper).  She was a shitty actress in her Power Rangers days but maybe she got better? She is also a singer and musician and had a band called Valhalla which wins her points because that’s a badass name for a band. I remember her being in this weird movie called Interstate 60 which had Gary Oldman as some kind of magical gay man. I believe it also had James Marsden. So far, she is the coolest of the former Power Rangers. I tried to find a video of her band, but instead got her solo stuff which isn’t actually too bad. Here’s a sample:

Anyway, back to business.


Steve Cardenas did nothing but Power Rangers stuff. There are a lot of rumors about what he’s done after, from becoming a party boy to teaching kids karate. He may have also once been a shady salesman. He is kind of a mystery but also pretty boring.

David Yost looked like he was very unhappy pretty much the entire running time the movie. He also looked like he was 35 rather than 17 or 18 but where’s the news in that? He also wins as oldest Power Ranger (coincidence?) as he is currently 41 years young. Besides that he looks really creepy now that he’s in middle age, he is kind of boring. He never did much other than Power Rangers stuff except for some movies in 2010 that probably no one cares about.


Karan Ashley has done sweet fuck all. She wrote, produced, and starred in some shitty horror movie called Devon’s Ghost: Legend of the Bloody Boy wherein she, at 30 years of age, played a cheerleader named Symphony. Move over, Shakespeare.


Johnny Yong Bosch became a voice actor for anime and videogames and is one of the founders of Double Helix Entertainment. He has more upcoming stuff on his IMDB profile than any of the others so far, but most of it is rumored. In his voicework, he’s done some prominent JRPGs like Persona 4 but was also Nero in Devil May Cry 4 and has done work in Suikoden 5, and Star Ocean 3 . For anime, he’s been in Bleach, Naruto, Samurai Champloo, Fullmetal Alchemist, and has even voiced Vash from Trigun (which I’m currently watching with Leanne… slowly). Most interesting is that he voiced Kaneda for a 2001 version of Akira. Oh and he was also in that fucking movie with Karan Ashley. How did she convince him to do that? And if that isn’t enough, he has a fucking alt-rock band called Eyeshine. Jesus, might as well post a fucking link, right? It’s actually funny because I definitely would have listened to this band back in High School and maybe now if I had nostalgia for them. They remind me of Lostprophets with a dose of Treble Charger:

Phew. So that’s a lot of material. I don’t think going into similar detail about all of the villains makes much sense since the performances are 90% voice for most of them. So fuck them, it’s the Power Rangers you wanted to know about anyway right?

It definitely seems clear that Amy Jo Johnson and Johnny Yong Bosch made the most of their break and have more than transcended their Power Ranger roots. These other clowns are either teaching karate to and/or molesting children, trying hard to make bad movies, or are dead and thus young and hot forever. I guess the one guy deserves props for being a paramedic and turning fantastical heroism into REAL LIFE heroism. Good for him.

I’m emotionally exhausted after this one. So I leave you with this: