Lately I’ve been making a videogame. I use an editor program called RPGmakerVX. It’s a Japanese program with its own custom scripting language (which I don’t know) and a lot of nifty features for making SNES-style games. I’ve played with it a lot before. I even have a legit (as in not made for lulz) project called The Long Way Back that I started with James over a year ago. Maybe I’ll be posting that here someday as well.

For now, let me tell you a little about McCoyed: The Game which is more properly known as McCoyed Episode 3: Evan vs. The Brolocaust. That’s right, it’s the third entry in a sort-of-series. I made a game called The Search for James a few years ago but lost most of it thanks to a hard-drive crash on my old desktop. I recovered SOME of it and may eventually put it in Episode 3 as a side-game. Or simply release it as-is if people want to check it out.

As for Episode 3, it is loosely structured after Mass Effect 2. What I mean by that is: you have character recruitment missions that take priority over a linear plot. You have options based on three unique personality traits that double as powerful elements. You have class options, evolving skills, and branching dialogue. Things like that.

But the storyline is something else altogether:

You play me, Evan McCoy, after I wake up newly instantiated in a body. Who is responsible for this? Why, the nefarious King Broner who is the master of Brohan, a realm (neighborhood) of Bridge City. Broner is leader of the Brohirrim, who are otherwise known as Bros, and they have a plot to take over Bridge City once and for all. Only Evan can stop them, with some help from friends like Tim Niskala, Paul Bazylewski, the Slusars, and others.

Currently, the demo is about 1.5-2 hours long. It is missing music, some sound effects, and a reasonably balanced battle system but it is playable (I find it kind of easy, really) and all the dialogue is complete unless I revise it later on. There are three locations in the current build:

-The Labrotory, domain of evil Dr. Broppenheimer who has resurrected Evan.

Evan’s Apartment, the hub of activity for Evan and friends as well as a home base where you can visit with your pals and eventually enjoy other diversions.

-The Potash Mines, where Evan’s brother Aaron McCoy battles an infestation of Frost Giants bent on world domination.

The demo ends immediately after the boss fight in the Potash Mines but don’t worry, there’ll be a message telling you the demo is complete. If you try to choose to recruit Kenton (about 1 hour in), it won’t work yet since I haven’t finished his introduction scenario like I have Aaron’s.

If I could figure out screenshots, I’d show some to whet the appetite. As it is, maybe what I’ve said so far is enough to intrigue you. If not, know that this is a funny game meant to be a blend of random jokes about nerdy shit, my life, and my idiot friends as well as being a serious stab at the RPG genre. I am not making this for profit, but for my own amusement and as a creative exercise. The benefit to you is that you’ll probably find it amusing too, so give it a try.

Don’t forget to investigate objects in your surroundings. Don’t forget to inspect items and equipment in your inventory as you acquire them. I promise laughs! The controls are:

Arrow Keys=Movement

Escape Key=Menu

Enter/Space Bar=Action Button

I’ll be updating with new versions as I add content. Sharing preliminary versions is my way of testing the game’s design as well as the writing as I go. It also generates good encouraging vibes which make it easier to keep working on it!

Download link here:

It’s a free hosting site. Might be weird to look at but the “download now” button works and the site is virus-free.