This is a shout out to another blog I’ve started with a few friends. It is a short fiction blog with a roster of editors who will be primarily responsible for creating the content but will also be overseeing submissions from outside writers who would like us to publish their work. This whole project is non-profit and for fun which is a nice of way of saying, we aren’t getting paid so neither are you. 😛

Still, we’ll take your work and put it through its paces. Then we’ll probably publish it. Every Sunday, look for a new short story on Tales From Bridge City

Stories of all kinds! We’re working on a few persistent-world projects as well as a bunch of one-off stuff. We’re not looking for any specific genre, but open to all of them. Even if you made it up.

But we also want you to read our shit. So if you’re not a writer (or if you are) come and take a gander. We want your criticism, comments, and adoration!