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This movie will totally prey on your irrational fear of triangles.

The Void is a movie where it is best to go in without knowing too much. However, to make sure the right people see this I will say up front that if you like cosmic horror (Lovecraft and/or Stephen King) and John Carpenter’s horror classic The Thing you are primed to love this. It was made for you.

Beyond its horror pedigree and fairly game achievement of its ambitions, it is interesting to note that The Void is a partially cowdfunded film. That’s pretty cool to think about since not only are practical-effects driven movies like this one fairly rare nowadays, crowdfunding proves there’s both an appetite for them and the potential for more to be made.

Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski wrote and directed the hell out of this film. It has a fairly simple, straightforward premise that unfolds into truly eerie territory. One of the best things about it is that it gets at ya fast and often, spending only the minimal time on set up before getting into the good stuff. If you’re tired of horror movies that wait too long to show some monsters or tip the hand of weird shit going on, you’ll like the way this one is structured.


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The two core themes of the film are emphasized perfectly in this image.

Antiviral is the first feature from Brandon Cronenberg and comparisons with his father’s work are both appropriate and apt. Channeling much of the body horror that made dad famous in the 80’s Cronenberg the Younger also seems to be interested in the same creepy, potentially insightful relationships between people and their bodies as well as the technology we use to alter them. Probably smaller in scale and scope than some of dad’s more famous work, Antiviral is nonetheless an affecting work balancing two thematic masters.

The first is the relationship between celebrities and the rest of us, especially the earnest and even haunted true fan. The other is the intimacy of disease. As sonny C put it himself, the film deals with the sort of unexamined connection between people when they pass each other communicable diseases. In Antiviral, an entire industry has been built up around using the latter to exploit the former. The resulting creep factor is as interesting as it is fresh. And yes, it is totally fucking unsettling too.

Antiviral is the kind of film I’d seek out early in University when I first obtained the power to seek out and watch obscure films. For those of us who enjoy the strange subgenre of body horror, of which dad is the crowned king, Antiviral will be most familiar and satisfying. Read the rest of this entry »

This image captures the essence of the film, which is actually a chimera: part science fiction, part mad scientist horror, part body horror, part Shakespearean tragedy, part psychological thriller, part character study… it is only fitting that a film about transformation and manipulation be so mercurial.

The Skin I Live In is a fairly twisted and intricate film. The non-sequential narrative also leaves a lot of room for fun theories about what the fuck is going on with these characters. Pedro Almodovar (director and co-writer) and his writing partners place an interesting red herring in the science fictional “superskin” that dermatological inclined mad scientist Robert Ledgard develops. While the story is not heavily contingent on the science stuff, it’s there like so much else to add depth and scope to what is actually a very intimate film about manipulation of the flesh, mind, and soul and the lines of demarcation that exist between these categories. Read the rest of this entry »


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