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They always get the eyes wrong.

Griff the Invisible is one of those movies that’s trafficking in the off-kilter romance lanes while also toying with the DIY Superhero genre that has remained so refreshingly fringe since Kick-Ass threatened to make it the “next big thing”. Of course, it remains to be seen whether that film and others (Defendor and Super naturally come to mind) help inspire a mainstream trend in the subgenre but so far, even the many upcoming movies with similar hooks still seem to be skirting the edges of popular awareness. Beyond this state of affairs, Griff the Invisible lives up to its name partially because it’s an Australian film. The involvement of Ryan Kwanten (of True Blood) ups its profile considerably and is the reason I noticed the film, but I have to say that while his performance is one of the best parts, Griff the Invisible is a misguided and uncomfortable movie. Read the rest of this entry »



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