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This image captures the essence of the film, which is actually a chimera: part science fiction, part mad scientist horror, part body horror, part Shakespearean tragedy, part psychological thriller, part character study… it is only fitting that a film about transformation and manipulation be so mercurial.

The Skin I Live In is a fairly twisted and intricate film. The non-sequential narrative also leaves a lot of room for fun theories about what the fuck is going on with these characters. Pedro Almodovar (director and co-writer) and his writing partners place an interesting red herring in the science fictional “superskin” that dermatological inclined mad scientist Robert Ledgard develops. While the story is not heavily contingent on the science stuff, it’s there like so much else to add depth and scope to what is actually a very intimate film about manipulation of the flesh, mind, and soul and the lines of demarcation that exist between these categories. Read the rest of this entry »



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