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The chemistry between these two is a highlight of the film.

In Time is a movie that is so of the moment that it feels like it had to be on purpose though how Andrew Niccol (writer and director, also see the amazing Gattaca) could have predicted Occupy Wall Street is anyone’s guess. Maybe when he sat down to do the screenplay, he saw the writing on the wall. However it came to be, In Time has arrived just as an entire generation seems to have grown immensely tired of the abuses run rampant in America’s economic system. It is very much a movie for them, but also a loudspeaker for everybody who is sympathetic to the idea that our zero-sum capitalism is harmful. It nicely outlines some of the reasons why there are protest movements over the distribution of wealth and the subsequent balance of power in the United States and elsewhere. Because the film is populated entirely by young actors, a quirk provided by the premise, it also feels like a product of youth and as if it is speaking most directly to us. This combination is a powerful political cocktail and I hope that In Time catches on because it does have a lot to say to us, in this moment, now. Aside from all that, it’s an excellent movie that knows exactly how to walk the line between its lighter and heavier elements. Read the rest of this entry »



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